The next generation of DeFi Telegram bots powered by stunning ads that pay to stake

Unlock the potential of decentralized finance with our revolutionary Telegram bots, featuring captivating ads that reward your engagement through staking.

Built by the community, for everyone

Developed collaboratively by our dedicated community, ensuring a platform that truly resonates with and empowers its users.

The easiest way to track the biggest crypto whales

Join a community of traders not just seeking signals, but also aiming to gain comprehensive insights and strategies. Tracking the biggest “whales” on major blockchain networks is a key aspect of our approach.

Sponsored ads that pay to stake

Our cutting-edge ad platform within Telegram is set to pave the way for dynamic revenue sharing by integrating innovative advertising solutions


With a steadfast commitment to growth, our aim is to significantly amplify channel views, expanding our digital footprint and enhancing user engagement


Striving for a milestone, we aim to cultivate a robust community of 1 million active users interacting with our bots, driving engagement and fostering a vibrant digital ecosystem.

Targeted audiences = ROI

Revolutionizing online engagement: Our platform offers more than just ad exposure. With targeted, featured ads, we connect brands directly to their ideal audiences, enhancing the effectiveness and reach of your marketing efforts in Telegram.

What our loyal community has to say...

Using gravitron and signaling my buy bots is allowing me to catch the trends faster than ever before. Now I can see when a whale moves, where they move and why they’re moving



Crypto Trader

Having another tool under my belt to witness real time movements of whale wallets is a great addition to toolkit. It makes me a sharper, more accurate trader, ultimately adding to my gains!


Bailey. D


Being new to the crypto scene, Gravitron is great for me to load up wallets I see in other projects and follow them around as they make impressive moves!



Crypto Trader

Revolutionary Staking: Unleashing Unique Rewards & Opportunities

In our digital landscape, we’re pioneering a unique model that marries staking with advertising revenue sharing. This approach not only rewards users with traditional staking benefits but also offers a share in profits from ads on our Telegram bots, creating a symbiotic ecosystem for users and advertisers.

Stakers are more than revenue sources; they’re vital decision-makers, shaping the platform’s direction via interactive polls. This engagement, incentivized with bounties, aligns their interests with the platform’s success and future growth. This active role ensures stakers are central to our platform’s evolution.

Our staking system, integrated with the advertising revenue model, operates on a tiered basis. Higher staking levels bring increased decision-making influence and larger revenue shares, recognizing and valuing diverse staking levels. This structure transforms stakers into active contributors in our thriving digital ecosystem.

Stake to participate

By staking with Gravitron, you unlock a unique opportunity to influence and share in our success. This launch isn’t just about returns; it’s about giving you a voice in our platform’s evolution. Be ready to shape strategies, engage with our dynamic advertising model, and thrive in a vibrant digital community. This isn’t just staking; it’s your ticket to actively participate and make a real impact in the digital realm. 

Poll Power: Shape the Future

Stake your tokens and unlock the power to influence our platform’s future through “Direct Impact: Your Vote Counts.” Participate in exclusive polls, where your choices help steer the direction and development of our services. This feature turns your staking into an engaging, decision-making role within our community.

Ad Revenue Sharing: Your Stake, Your Share

Gravitron offers a unique perk for your staked tokens. Get a share of the revenue generated from our Telegram bot ads. This program aligns your staking with the success of our advertising network, allowing you to benefit directly from our platform’s advertising achievements.

Integrating telegram bots, dApps, staking, and revenue share in crypto and defi


  • Build up a portfolio of whale wallets and track their every move
  • Instantly discover and copy whale trading strategies


  • Catch dev wallets eating Supply
  • Track where the money goes
  • Real time notifications


  • Fast swaps powered by Graviton4
  • Multi chain swapping supported
  • Transparent transaction data


  • Perform Contract Migrations
  • Lock Tokens To Perform Safe Contract Transfers


  • A Proprietary Tool To Engage Community Decisions
  • Get Rewarded For Voting


  • In-App Telegram Gaming Engine Powered By GTRON
  • Leaderboards and Rewards

Road map

🌟 Stay tuned as we progress through each phase, shaping the future of DeFi with innovative solutions!

#GravitronJourney #InnovationInMotion 🌐

Our process: 6 pillars of success

Gravitron’s DeFi strategy starts with advanced Telegram utility bots for market insights and community engagement, followed by a unique voting and staking system for token holder governance. We then introduce a revenue-sharing program, aligning ecosystem success with community rewards, and conclude with a Play-to-Earn gaming platform, combining entertainment and earning potential.

Gravitron helps you track what you don't see behind the scenes while rewarding you for your participation!

Benefit from real time whale signals transferring funds in and out of their wallets across multiple projects.  Now you can trade like a whale to!

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